A Brief Overview

Ag Council

West Point is a nucleus of communities dedicated to and
involved in agriculture. From conception to consumer, the
area is united through relationships of individuals,
organizations including the West Point Chamber of Commerce,
to herald the impact of agriculture on our local, state and
national economy.

West Point and the area can boast of its unique relationships
and influence with leaders locally, statewide and nationally.
Cuming County, of which West Point is the County Seat,
is and has been ranked in the top 10 counties nationally
in agricultural production. This rating is not taken lightly or
for granted as it is a status that is respected and envied
by others. This ranking does not just happen, it is a result
of involved caretakers who not only take care of their
individual businesses but engage others at all levels.

Agribusiness ranges from production of livestock, row crop
and hay to the end products used by consumers. In this area
our range includes and employs row crop production experts,
farm implement sales and service, seed dealers, fertilizer
and chemical distributors and applicators, fuel, oil, tire sales
and service, elevators, feed sales, veterinarians, livestock
caretakers, UNL Extension Educators, nutrient consultants -
both of livestock and the by products, transportation -
delivery by truck/semi, ag engineers, construction and
dirt moving experts, concrete services, grain and food
processing, manufacturing, banking, credit providers,
insurance carriers, and office/business personnel,
accountants and professional bookkeepers. Agribusiness
results in a way of life that has been engrained in this area
for many generations. The core of the community and its
way of life including education, religion and health care
began here because of agriculture. In 2006 it was stated
that one in five jobs is tied to agriculture, in the West Point
Area the impact is much greater and is our livelihood.

Small Business Council

West Point is a community of 3,660 people dedicated to
the continued development of the area. Through the
dedicated efforts of multiple organizations, including the
West Point Chamber of Commerce, a climate suitable for
the development and maintenance of entrepreneurship
and business has been created.

West Point has progressive retail with over 130 businesses.
It includes a full four-block Main Street retail sector, a
retail strip mall, a highway business sector and an
industrial park.

Services vary from automobile sales and services,
financial, clothing, hardware, farm implements,
greenhouses, pharmacies, grocery stores, lumberyard,
gift shops, beauty shops, video stores, office supply,
professional video production, and convenience stores.

West Point Chamber